Wine tasting and other mallorquin products


Finish off your experience at our ranch by having a unique taste of Mallorca. We have selected local wines made from a variation of different grapes making every wine different. Cheese made by local farmers, goats, cow and sheep (oveja [...]

Wine tasting and other mallorquin products2021-06-09T13:49:03+00:00

We renew the Tourist Quality Award


Another year we have been awarded the certificate for Tourist Quality from Conselleria de Turisme de les Illes Balears. We have now achieved this award 8 years running. Thanks to the Ranxo Ses Roques team. We always work so that [...]

We renew the Tourist Quality Award2020-11-17T12:51:55+00:00

New flooring for our horses


Hello everyone! Here we are again with developments for summer 2018. This year we have decided to make an investment into the flooring where the horses are most of the day, we are always thinking of what is best for [...]

New flooring for our horses2020-11-17T12:51:56+00:00

Our staff – summer 2017


We would like to present our staff for this summer. They are the ones who look after all the horses, ponies and farm animals, they keep all the establishments clean and in the best conditions possible, they brush all the [...]

Our staff – summer 20172020-11-17T12:51:57+00:00

Welcome two new horses for our routes


Good morning friends of Ranxo Ses Roques. Today we want to welcome 2 new animals that have come to join our team of horses: RANGER 10 years and BENHUR 11. WELCOME !!!!!!!!! RANGER BENHUR [...]

Welcome two new horses for our routes2020-11-17T12:51:58+00:00

How food effects the behaviour of the horse


Good morning friends of ranxo ses roques, the other day a client asked us what was the difference in behaviour of a horse fed with oats or barley, I will try to explain, oats provide alot of energy to the [...]

How food effects the behaviour of the horse2020-11-17T12:51:59+00:00
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